My Word: Emotion with Sagacity

I believe there are two kinds of people – Talkers and Doers. It is a need of the hour that our young generation is a generation of Doers. The more efficient the machine the more silent and smooth is the functioning and greater is the output of the work. An inefficient machine, such as a worn out car, an air conditioner or a television set all fuss and make noise with little output. Calm, silent, steady and efficient work sustained by a deep social feeling is a mark of a successful human being.
This is dedicates to the youth which is an impressionable age. It is also the age of work and achievements.

“It is more damaging to say foolish things than to do them”

I take this opportunity to convey to my students that they should have control over their words because a person who cannot control his words shows he cannot control himself and is unworthy of respect.

My message to the young generation

On no accounts should they forget that their priority should be to advance themselves in learning and knowledge. They must appreciate their parents and well wishers are waiting with deep breath to see them emerge as successful human beings. Academics are primarily important for them but they should get themselves acquainted with current happenings, economic, scientific and technological advancements because knowledge in these spheres would supplement their theoretical learning and prepare a strong base for their future. Co-curricular and cultural activities on a balanced scale would free their minds from useless pressure and enrich their mental capacities. I need not stress on the fact that youth is a period of action and, therefore, it is incumbent on the entire student community to Talk Less and Work more..

"If you have all the ingredients right and proportionate, the result is bound to be a success."
Signing off: with love
Parker Public School