Admission Policies

The Parker Public Senior Secondary School is a secular, non-denominational and liberal Institution. It seeks to admit students who are keen to imbibe the values and skills embedded in our mission statement. There will be no discrimination on the basis of religion, caste, color, region, sex or economic status. So long as the child and his family seek good education as enshrined in our policy, the child is entitled to admission in The Parker Public Senior Secondary School. We are a co educational school and thus seats in every section will be reserved for at least 30 students in a class. While we would like to admit all those who apply for admission, paucity of vacancies compels us to do selections. The process of this selection is given below. Naturally, every applicant must satisfy all the conditions with regard to other formalities, which have already been defined.

Admission Procedure

Registration for admission will be in March. You can get the registration form from the office on payment of prescribed fee.

Student Seeking admission shall have to qualify a test which is held to test the ability of the scholar for admission in a particular class.

No admission will be considered unless all the requirements are fully met. The School reserved rights to decide the admission of a child in any class. The minimum age for admission in Nursery class is four years & for the play group is three years.