Parents are requested to ensure that their child takes his/her work seriously and maintains satisfactory progress. They are requested to create suitable work environment a home and render all possible assistance needed by the child.Parents are requested not to meet the teachers during class hours. If it is necessary a written permission must be obtained from the principal.

Responsibility of sending the students to school in time and taking them back after the school hours rests entirely on the guardians. The responsibility of the school authorities ceases immediately after the school closes.

The school can do its best to your ward only with your help and co-operation.

It is our hope that the school Diary is looked into by you and an eye kept on the performance and the progress made by your ward.

In academics the school makes every effort to do the best it can by your ward. It is felt, however that your ward would benefit greatly if you also look into his/her school exercise books and the teacher’s assessment of your ward’s work. This would prevent the students from yours ward’s work. This would prevent the student from becoming indifferent to or neglectful of school studies.

Finally, if you could tell the subject teacher in the school, from time to time, how you think your ward would benefit most and if you could also tell your ward from time to time what the school expects from him/her you would become a invaluable link between the school and education of your ward. Parent-teacher meetings provide and excellent platform for interaction of his nature so does the school diary.

We always take care to protect children from accidents while playing However, in the event of any mishap the school does not accept legal responsibility. First-Aid will be given and parents will be informed.

The school does not hold any responsibility of the losses of books stationery, money or other precious item brought by the child. No valuable articles should be brought to the school.